A father, Iskilu Obawunmi, of number 10 Obawunmi Close, Obantoko in Abeokuta, Ogun state capital had disowned her daughter, Aishat Olabisi Obawunmi over lesbianism.
Lesbian Act
According to our report, Mr Obawunmi, a business man said his daughter, unknown to him engaged in the act of lesbianism with some of her friends before she traveled out of the country around February this year 2017, but later discovered sometimes last month.

While narrating to our reporter, Mr Obawunmi said “I have disowned my daughter, Aishat Olabisi Obawunmi because she engaged herself in lesbianism which I don’t know until I later discovered when I checked her room. I was shocked and nearly fainted after which I discovered.

“It is shame to me and the family members for having a daughter of such. I never knew she is a lesbian until the time I planned to send her out of the country.

“Aishat Olabisi is my fourth child and the third daughter among my children. She went to Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ojere, Abeokuta where she finished her HND programme in Mass Communication Department in 2015. I told her not to bother herself in going for the NYSC programme because of the plans I have for her to further her education.

“Since 2016, we have been processing her travelling so as to further her school in the United States of America before she was later picked around January this year. Though the first school we processed for her didn’t come to pass because I can’t afford the tuition fee, so we go for another community school which is Cleveland State University.”

“I never knew my daughter has turned to something else, and I was living with her under the same roof before she traveled. Lesbianism is against the law and even the Nigerian Constitution, because it doesn’t speak well of a person (Omoluabi)."

When narrating on how he discovered after about nine months of her daughter Aishat Olabisi traveling to the US, Mr. Obawunmi explained that he was looking for a document and decided to check her room, where he later discovered some instruments she used with her friends for the act.

“I nearly fainted. I was looking for a particular document, and I decided to check her room for it. It was a surprise to me to have discovered some of what she used for the act. I decided to investigate further and I was told only lesbians used it. I was so ashamed of myself that I have a daughter who always appeared innocent to me and engaged herself in this evil act.”

While lamenting over the act, Mr. Obawunmi said “I have from now disown her as my daughter because she is a disgrace to me, my family and members of the community. Even the community where I live, Ifesowapo Community under the Chairman, Apostle Soremi also disowns her due to the act.

“I don’t know what would happen if I ever set my eyes on her because for the rest of my life, I don’t want to set my eyes on her. I had gone to report her to the family members and even my wife who is her mother, Mrs. Suliat Obawunmi too knew about this.

“I want to use this medium to warn her to stay away from Nigeria, particularly from the community she left because if I ever set my eyes on her, I can do and undo, so let her stay off my vicinity.”

All effort to reach to Aishat Olabisi Obawunmi as at the time of filing this report proves abortive.