Some philanthropists love to share largesse without bothering to know if such generosity has any meaningful impact on the recipients as well as the community as a whole. Really, Jimoh Odunayo (Kenyatta) is not one of them.
Kenyatta is not a reckless spender but a reasonable giver.
Let me keep you abreast of one the unexampled steps he took recently to encourage seriousness among our senior secondary school students.

Jimoh Odunayo Foundation with  cooperation of all the public schools' principals across the two local government areas of Obokun and Oriade organized mock examinations in English Language and Mathematics for all SS 3 students.
Organising such a standard examination still remains unprecedented. Truly, it has never happened before. What a standard exam! The same questions all over, supervised by external people and marked by external people. The examination itself provided an ample opportunity for the participants to gauge their quality of preparedness towards their final examinations. Each student went home with the question papers.

The salient aim of this scholarship was to put an end or reduce the number of outstanding students that always miss their final examinations due to inability of their parents to pay for their WAEC exams fees. It was also an avenue to encourage the serious ones.

30 secondary school principals received an envelope of #18,500 on behalf of each winner while every winner was presented with a copy of certificate of scholarship.

Simply put, 62 students, 62 mothers, 62 fathers and 30 principals would feel the direct impacts of this philanthropy.
It is continual.