Others fear death

A writer fears not

Death can only kill soul

While the works remain immortal.

Death can kill soul,

It'll never succeed in killing memories.

Memories store the writer's name.

A name is like air, more than air.

Hear, mention, see all over.

It could be read and touched.

But couldn't be erased.

A writer has come to live forever,

For his name is evergreen.

It's been engraved on several pieces,

Mentioned through many media.

Kept in archives, libraries.

Spread world over.

A writer lives on.

His works will continue to bring him fruits.

Remembrance, year after year.

Cenotaph, epitaph are physical.

Memory does it all.

Dead and living feel his passage.

Akinwunmi cooked for all

Students have their shares

Teachers have their own

Parents have their own.

Ishola dished for many.

Publishers have their own shares.

Marketers have their own shares.

Crew have their own share.

With your pen

You promote a race.

With your pen

You promote cultures.

With your pen

You tell history.

With your pen

You teach moral.

Akinwunmi Ishola sun re o!