"Some people are in shackles and oppression of other unions because they refuse to make efforts, there is this life of contentment and perpetually staying in your comfort zone and the  essence is to stagnate you, have those states made efforts" ? 

"I know that states that are  making efforts are moving out of the shackles of other unions seating on top of them, listen there is no big deal about it,  if I say "I am not interested" will you force me ? No one can force you to belong to a union, membership of a union is your personal volition and nobody can control that so you have the right to say YES or NO "

" In most cases some people are contented with where they are and so they are not agitating, the spate of judgements in favour of ASUSS all over the federation is a prove that what we are doing is right , we have had cases where some children have disowned their parents for whatever reason is best known to them, is it the convenience between the unions that we say is forever ? NO it is not forever, the law does not say that"

 " I have a strong and passionate message for every Teachers especially in all these states where NUT is still holding them down , you must know where you are going, every man that does not know where he is going has lost it,  in ASUSS we are entering into a season of freedom and the freedom has come, you can even see it,  but like somebody that is hungry he sees food and refuses to eat, so also is unionism my message to them is that ASUSS has come to stay, ASUSS is the umbrella union for all secondary school Teachers in Nigeria but we are not unaware that we might have some of these defiances but for us in ASUSS  its not a problem"

" I have a strong message for all Secondary School Teachers across the country, my message is simple and straight forward, a Teacher is a Teacher and as a Teacher you are the head of all other departments in life because everyone standing today, reasonably talking, walking and making impacts in this life came from you hence you must be confident that you are the father to all which naturally puts you ahead of others,  it does not matter what your pay is,  first of all, know who you are. We  have people who takes so much money and does not have self confidence and self esteem because they are not a substance, a Teacher is a man of substance.

I met a Governor and I told him I am your Teacher and he said you are too small you did not teach me, I now ask him "....but somebody taught you" ?, he now smiled, then I said the one that taught you is a Teacher and I am that person because I am also a Teacher, we are all products of teaching and learning. 

Every Teacher should be confident, they should maintain a self esteem irrespective of the money that comes to us "