Only men of reputable character and intelligences can revive Ekiti State that is about to die due to fake stomach-infrastructure embarked upon by the out going government of Ekiti State.

Yeah! only deligent and intelligent patriot as Akogun Banji Ojo can be said to belong to this  class of people. 

Akogun Banji Ojo, a very intelligent man of high integrity, compassionate,  an amiable new breed politician, time-tested and trusted technocrat is the only reputable character for now who can take Ekiti State to the NEXT level of the mission of reviving Ekiti State. 

Robin Williams is truly right...words and ideas are changing Ekiti State for better. Let the mission to revive Ekiti State be accomplished by a man of words and ideas.

Team up with "TEAM ABO 2019" and


AKOGUN BANJI OJO as the NEXT governor of Ekiti State.

#ABO #NEXT GOV#2019.


Concerned Citizen of Ekiti State