My pen is mightier than a sword,

It is sharper than a knife,

It has no leg but can run faster than an antelope,

It has no feather but can soar smarter than an eagle,

It has mouth but cannot talk,

Yet, everyone can hear its voice,

It has no eye but only it can see and read through my thought./mind

My pen is ambidextrous,

It can make or mar,

It can scatter or gather the kings, the powerful and the wealthy,

It can cause or end a war,

It can destroy or rebuild a nation,

It can demolish or construct  a mansion,

It can chase away or foster unity and accord,

It can bring oneness and progress,

It can pursue or entrench peace and love.

Only me can describe the weight and strength of my pen.

Is it dreadful?

Is it friendly?

Yes to all.

I know how to use  my pen.

My pen is my power,

It is my strength,

It is my sword, also my tool,

It is my fortress.

My pen without a paper,

It is useless, weak and impotent,

Then it slumbers,

It feels shy and keeps silent.

My pen is not different from other pens,

Yet, it distinguishes me from others writers,

Because I know how to use it.

I can use any colour.

It's my resolve that promotion of peace 

Will be its major assignments,

Though, it will lampoon societal ills,

And speak truth to the power.

May its ink never run dry.