The formal deputy Governor of CBN during the regime of Late Umar Isa Yaradua, Professor Kingsley Moghalu was hosted in a town hall meeting by Progressive Group of Nigeria (PGN) at Nigeria Institute of Journalist (NUJ) Secretariat in Abeokuta the capital of Ogun State. Present at the town hall meeting were notable personalities from various walks of life, different youth and women groups.

Professor Kingsley Ayodele Moghalu during the town hall meeting said he is from Nnewi and Abeokuta he is second hometown, according to him, Abeokuta is the headquarters of journalism in Nigeria, he said he started his career with journalism.

While addressing the people who were present at the town hall meeting, he said he was at the town hall meeting to listen to people and also talk to them. He stated the reasons why we need to create a better future - " the women constitute 51% of our total population while the youths constitute 70% of the total population of Nigeria.

Moghalu while speaking, he said "our national leadership have failed us, we need to create a good government which can create jobs for over thirty millions (30 millions), what we need is not just a traditional leader but  technocrats who can bring us all together, we want a good economy where we don't need to import everything, Nigerians should be led by the youths with vision, we don't need to recycled politicians.

Talking about his agenda for women, Moghalu said if elected as the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, there would be equal opportunities for both gender, encourage and support businesses owned by women through a scheme called "Invention Capital Fund".

Professor Kingsley Moghalu, said his administration when elected would ensure that there is total war against poverty, create millions of jobs and  restructure Nigeria.

Professor Moghalu spoke on security challenges, he said Nigerian Police Force has three hundred and fifty thousand personnel and one hundred and fifty thousand out of the three  hundred and fifty thousand personnel are securing the elites - he said he would employ two million police personnel in order to have more efficient personnel with adequate training. He also said he would put a stop to herdsmen's rascality because it is nonsense.

While answering questions from students, market women, non indigenes and other stakeholders - he said "foreign policy scandals will be put to an end, foreign policies will be reformed". Female genders will also have access to quality education, finance, marital right and women entrepreneurship would be encouraged. He also enjoined women to participate in politics.