Hon. Salam Shuaib Adewale hails from Ode Omu in Ayedaade local Government of Osun State. He is youthful,  agile, vibrant and a goal getter. 

There is no doubting the fact that the present Government of APC has performed dismally poor in all areas of our development. The youths and adults alike are exposed to abject poverty in a State that has some minerals to exploit to cater for our people. 

Hon. Shuaib is contesting on the platform of Accord Party. According to the saying of the elders, 'A tree can not make a forest' It is for this reason that we are appealing to our collective conscience to rally round our son to vote en mass for him to bring about the expected transformation that has eluded our people over the years as a result of maladministration of the present regime. It is not only those who use dangerous  weapons to kill that are tagged as killers but also those who deprive one opportunities to survive.

Our developmental programmes are hinged on the following:

1. Standard Education

2. Affordable Housing for all

3. Standard Security

4. Diversification of our Economy with Agriculture being the basis

5. Youth empowerment

The election has been scheduled to hold on the 22nd of September 2018. Please I encourage you all to register with INEC and collect your PVC (permanent voters card) as that is the only tool you can use to bring about the desired change we have all been clamouring for.

We implore you once again to Vote Hon. Salam Shuaib Adewale as your in coming Governor in Osun State for the betterment of all.

Coordinator, Campaign Team

Comrade Amb. Ogunolu Samsideen O.