You call me lazy but it took you 6 months to select your cabinet; majority of whom have no scorecard for the past 3 years of stewardship.

You call me lazy but you stayed back at home to 'work' when rats supposedly took over your office. 

You call me lazy but you sat back at the villa when herdsmen invaded farms, chopped off fingers of hardworking farmers, raped their wives and daughters and killed hundreds of their kinsmen and indigenes. Didn't even have the simple courtesy or sense of responsibility to go out of your way to sympathise with them.

You call me lazy but I wonder if £1 would be equivalent 507naira if you stayed up to partner with economists and experts to study economic indices and develop actual strategic plans to get us out of the excuse of a life we live in this country.

You call me lazy while I sit back and wonder how many youths your government has sponsored to the higher institutions. Let's not talk about what jobs they'd do after graduation.

You call me lazy when my brothers are sold into slavery in Libya, while others die crossing the atlantic all in search of daily bread. 

You call me lazy but when asked to respond to your wife's lamentations on the porosity of your government, your hardworking mind thought it wise to respond by trivializing her wit and undermining her before the entire world just because she is a woman. 

You call me lazy but your answer to some of the most embarrassing flaws of your administration is: "I didn't know".

You call me lazy whereas young men and women with Nigerian blood are breaking barriers all over the world just because they are in societies that are designed to make the most out of them.

If we are lazy Mr. President, I wonder what you are for NEVER taking responsibility. If we are lazy Mr. President, IT'S ON YOU!