Fake compliments

Full of insincerity, lies

To gain favour from others

Only self-serving favour, gains

By firing the soul of admirers

The beneficiaries, the victims

Two in one, at the same time.

Obsequious flattery

A powerful weapon

Used by servile lickspittle

To gain some advantages

Not minding the aftermath

On the other end, uncaring

Sycophancy can ruin, can kill.

A sycophant

Calls a king god

Calls a boss lord

Calls a pastor Jesus Christ

Calls an Imam Muhammad

Calls a contestant honourable

Call a moneybag alpha and omega

He uses pen, words or social media

A sycophant

Spurs his oga

To overspend

To act overlordly

To inflate self glory

To feel too superior

To assume demigoddess

To look down on other ones

A sycophant can ruin, can kill.


All need to fear

All need to hate

A visa to oblivion

An expressway to limbo

A smooth path to Armageddon

A fast lane to everlasting annihilation

A sycophant can ruin, can kill, can fail.


A snare by toady

Set to catch anyone

Who cares to embrace lies

Be it in churches or mosques

Palaces or offices, among friends

But more common in social events

Beer cafe, mostly in political arenas

Where opportunities abound everyday.

When the chips are down

The flunkies, the parasites disappear

Like birds at instance of gunshot

Run away, never come back

Begin to blame the fool

For his foolhardiness

For his failure to discern, or

For buying into cheap praises

A sycophant, a killer, a deserter.

To avoid ruination

Chase the flatterer away

Listen not to fake panegyric

Tell him to say just the truth

Nothing but bitter truth, truth

That's hotter like a running engine

Than a slap by a toddler, teenager

That's harder than a palm of a trekker 

That's as sour as vinegar, piles, nuts

That describes the scenario, as it is

That paints the pictures, as they are.