One on the foremost Presidential hopeful Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu  has joined millions across the world to rejoice with the Muslim faithful on arrival of the holy month of Ramadan.

In a statement issued from  through his media office - Awwal called on the Muslim faithfuls to explore the sacredness of the Holy Month to make special supplications to Allah for the country.

The energetic presidential hopeful further reminded everyone, regardless of faith to remain fervent in their prayers so as to make Nigeria great and peaceful, saying the holy month of Ramadan signifies fasting, prayer and dedication to God

He said it is a major principle of Ramadan to look up unto Almighty Allah in prayers and maintain peace with all. He urged that peace should be the dominant force in the society even after the month of Ramadan.

Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu who described the Holy month of Ramadan as a month of reservation and opportunities for prayers to be speedily answered said “We must explore this opportunity to maximise access to God and harvest of blessings especially for the sake of Nigeria.