Our youths!

Are not only ready

But also ever desperate

To work, to earn, to feed

Without minding the nature

Of that kinds of jobs available 

For them to do in order to survive

Roaming the streets like scavengers

Working like elephants, getting poor rewards.


Inside the traffic

Selling water, snacks

Daring death, fearing not 

Running after bikes, cars, lorries

Dribbling like Ronaldo in between

Molue, danfo, oko asewo and my car

Are not alliens but from within, among us

Many of them had served the land after graduation

Hoping to bring their certificates out of the box one day

The Surulres had settled for such undignified jobs

The Olorunsogos are forced into robbery, kidnapping, cyber crimes, money rituals.

However, no youths folding arms, waiting for free food.


In different markets

Owode Onirin, Idumota

Computer village, Ladipo, Aba

Alaba, Onitsha, Chinese Markets

Our youths are always hardworking

Many do three different jobs in a day

Working like mad in the land of honey

Yet living like pauper, looking not well fed

Our youths are illegal emigrants

Searching for greener pastures

Millions of them now in the Europe

United States, Asia, Scandinavia, Africa

Scrambling for citizenship, work permits

Many had been deported umpteenth times

Still manoeuvring to sneak out there

To settle for menial jobs, peanuts

Unhappy, unsatisfied, but no option

The lazy youths are not here

Seems they are not yet born

Really, they don't exist

In our midst

At all.


Many parents

Could not afford

To pay the bills all alone

Many orphans are in the  universities, 

struggling to become somebody in life 

Against all the odds, glueing to prayers

Gallivanting from one hill to cathedral

Fasting, resuming marathon vigils daily

Ignorantly, falling into the hands of fox

Camouflaging in the clergy's garments

The gluttons in power often insensitive

Busy increasing the bills, owing salaries

Bastardising  public school education

By promoting incessant strike actions

Establishing private ones on hectares

I'm still searching

For the lazy youths

Do I need a binocular?

Search engine or compass?

Or sharp lens like a crystal ball?

Ok, maybe they are not yet here

Or maybe they aren't yet being born

Or the power lied against their existence

The lazy youths are neither here nor born.

If the youth are lazy 

The leaders are lazier, 

Even greedier than tortoise

More selfish beyond description

Give no space for the youths to grow

In their various cabinets, departments

Monopolising, cornering every opportunity

Among the tired and aged strikers and their allies

Who were the beneficiaries

Of the free education, free health care?

The so-called leaders in power and who

During their days in the universities

Never cooked nor paid for accommodation

Eat free food like birds in a rice plantation

Alas! They all gang against this generation 

Very impossible for the innocent youths 

To live, to achieve in the land of paradoxical plenty

Propaganda, hollowed promises are the prevalence.

Unlike then

No more scholarships

For the poor students

For the outstanding ones

School fees become Herculean task

The youths are still struggling to feed

To live, to learn, to survive, to belong

Feeding is now as difficult as digging for gold

Government's presence is hard to feel or taste

The youths are creating jobs where there is none.

It's a pity!

That the leaders

Are trying to shift

The blames of their

Failure, shortcomings

On the ever dutiful youths.