At a press interview granted to me during our last TB symposium. I did made my experience with Tuberculosis public including the challenges. But for emphasis sake, any cough that persisted too long should not be taken for granted. Other symptoms of tuberculosis include night sweat, fever, loss of weight and so on. Duty behooves on us to refer any of the people who have these signs to a DOT centre for immediate sputum test.

Failure to do that is dangerous, the life of the said patient is not only in danger, those who came in contact with him/her are also in big danger.

People who have health challenges do not need be discriminated against, they need love and support to overcome the challenge.

I thank everyone who stood with me throughout the time, including those who saw to the success of our TB symposium.

It is not over until it is over, your support is continually needed until TB finds no place in our society.

Together we can always win.